Hi there; thanks for stopping by. I guess maybe you’re wondering what we do here. Well, we take pictures. We love it. And we live in a city that’s well suited for it. People visit Savannah everyday and they get to experience the beauty for a little while. We, on the other hand, get to experience the beauty here all the time and we would like to share it with you.

Whether you’ve visited Savannah in the past and would love a nice photograph that perfectly captures your memories, or you like the idea of the sometimes gentile, sometimes kooky, sometimes mysterious atmosphere in Savannah and you’d love a photograph that captures those qualities and more—we’ve got it here.

While we love taking photographs of Savannah, we do occasionally travel and we like to take photographs then too. So just to be clear, any photograph in our galleries that was not taken in Savannah has a specified location in the description.